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Double Triumph: RE ZRO Rider Gary Birtwistle Secures Pro and Twin Flat Track Class Wins

Updated: Mar 20

RE ZRO Rider Gary Birtwistle Takes Back to Back Championships

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Gary Birtwistle, sponsored by RE ZRO as an impact protection partner, secured the UK championship in both the Pro and Twin Flat Track classes. This double triumph not only solidifies Birtwistle's status as a formidable racer but also underscores the effectiveness of RE ZRO's body armour in protecting athletes without compromising their ability to perform.

The Pro Class is the highest level in UK flat track racing, attracting a group of highly skilled riders. Birtwistle's achievement in this category highlights his outstanding abilities and determined approach. Taking on challenging tracks and competing against top-tier rivals, Birtwistle's win is evidence of his exceptional performance and consistency throughout the 2023 season.

RE ZRO Rider Gary Birtwistle Takes Back to Back Championships

Adding to the celebration, Birtwistle's success in the Twin Flat Track class aboard his factory Royal Enfield highlights his versatility as a rider.

RE ZRO Rider Gary Birtwistle Takes Back to Back Championships

Birtwistle said "Riding in RE ZRO armour I feel protected and free to move around the bike. It’s light and flexible so you don’t feel weighed down or restricted like some other armour. Winning this championship the first time took many years of hard work but to be able to back it up the very next season with another championship is a great feeling. I'm happy with what I have managed to achieve in this sport and look forward to more challenges in the coming years." 

"We came on board to sponsor Gary through his 2023 season knowing Gary was a rider at the top of his game, for him to go on to take back-to-back championships in multiple classes is a testament to that. We're pleased to have been able to work alongside Gary throughout this season getting his thoughts and feedback to help with our continued development at the very pinnacle of the sport. " Jake Tindall Head of Marketing at RE ZRO.

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