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The commitment of the GOOD WHEELS line to promote increasingly sustainable urban mobility continues.


Resetting everything to ZERO. TUCANO URBANO has embraced the revolutionary challenge of

RE ZRO®, a brand-new British company born with the idea of high performance, biodegradable materials, with the aim of minimising its environmental impact as much as possible. After the mini-capsule collection made from fabrics derived from recycled plastic bottles and industrial waste, the most pioneering brand in the Mandelli Group now introduces innovative RE ZRO® protectors in the GOOD WHEELS line – the world's first recyclable and biodegradable* protectors.


“It wasn’t enoughWil Marschall, RE ZRO® Founder & CEO, explains - to think about how the material performed, we had to consider the materials' end of life. We engineered RE ZRO® materials to naturally biodegrade in a landfill environment when no longer in use, thus REturning to ZRO. We wanted to change the status quo of the impact protection industry, taking sustainability into account and protecting not only the user but also the future of the planet."

And here is where the strength of RE ZRO® lies - in an unmatched combination of safety, comfort, usability, and sustainability. Unlike most protective products on the market, RE ZRO® protectors are ultra-thin, making them virtually invisible and not affecting the aesthetics of the garments. They are so lightweight that you won't even notice them, and they are incredibly flexible, allowing for unprecedented freedom of movement. Moreover, as they are made from a single polymer they are easily recycled and should they end up in a landfill environment RE ZRO® armour will biodegrade* leaving behind nothing but biomass and biogas. While PU products take decades to decompose, in a landfill, RE ZRO® protectors biodegrade, or "reset to zero," in an estimated 3 to 5 years.


"We couldn't miss the opportunity to integrate our most iconic jackets with these types of protectors that encompass all the values that TUCANO URBANO has always sought and that, at the same time, allow us to take a further step forward on the path to sustainability," explains Florian Martin, Marketing Director of the Mandelli Group.

In the new Fall-Winter 2023-24 collection, RE ZRO® protectors come as standard on the shoulders and elbows of the best-selling GOOD WHEELS capsule collection. These items are made from polyester derived from the recycling of approximately 30 plastic bottles, including the MONTE parka (for him; €284.99) and the STELLA parka (for her; €284.99), the medium-cut ORBIS men's jacket (€259.99), and the new coordinated ORBIS Pants (€149.99).

So, it's GOOD WHEELS for everyone with TUCANO URBANO and RE ZRO®!

*Biodegradability is determined by the standard ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985-2014 testing method. For full terms see

TUCANO URBANO, born in Milan in the late '90s, is the leading clothing and accessory brand for urban mobility on two wheels. A market leader in major European capitals, Tucano Urbano caters to urban commuters who love a metropolitan and functional style and are devoted to the ingenuity of protective, high-performance, and, above all, original products. Since 2021, Tucano Urbano has been a brand within the Mandelli Group.

RE ZRO® a brand-new impact protection company, has created the world's first recyclable and biodegradable* body protection, offering consumers the highest level of safety with minimal harm to the environment. In safeguarding the health of the planet, the team of experts at the British brand has decided to revolutionise the life cycle of impact protection, from production to end-of-life disposal, without compromising performance.

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