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Bull-It and RE ZRO Join Forces for 2024: Pioneering Motorcycle Safety and Sustainability

Bull-It, renowned for their stylish and high-quality products, have partnered with RE ZRO, an all new

sustainable impact protection company. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the motorcycle industry, uniting style, safety, and sustainability like never before.

Bull-It is known for its commitment to producing high-quality, protective motorcycle jeans that riders love.

RE ZRO, on the other hand, is at the forefront of sustainable impact protection technology. By combining

Bull-It's expertise in crafting top-notch motorcycle apparel with RE ZRO's innovative and eco-friendly

impact protection solutions, the partnership aims to redefine industry standards.

“We're absolutely thrilled about our partnership with Bull-it. It's fantastic to be perfectly aligned on

our mission to deliver exceptional products. Together, we're pushing for change whilst providing

riders with the ultimate protection.” Marcus Hoenig RE ZRO’s CSO

Under this collaboration, Bull-It will integrate RE ZRO's sustainable impact protection materials across

their entire 24 range, ensuring riders not only experience enhanced safety but also contribute to a greener

planet. The partnership reflects both companies' shared dedication to sustainability, innovation, and rider


Motorcycle enthusiasts can anticipate a new era of eco-conscious riding gear, where style, safety, and

sustainability coexist seamlessly.


Bull-it jeans have an innovation track record matched by no other brand. #1 and first in the world to

achieve CE Level II in 2013 for a motorcycle denim jean.


RE ZRO® a brand-new impact protection company, has created the world's first recyclable and

biodegradable* body protection, offering consumers the highest level of safety with minimal harm to the

environment. In safeguarding the health of the planet, the team of experts at the British brand has

decided to revolutionise the life cycle of impact protection, from production to end-of-life disposal, without

compromising performance.

*Biodegradability is determined by the standard ASTM D5511 and ISO 15985-2014 testing method. For full terms see

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