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RE ZRO® and ION Proudly Accept Eurobike Award for ARCON Knee Guard

RE ZRO x ION Accept Eurobike Award for their new release - ARCON

RE ZRO are thrilled to share the news of our recent achievement at the prestigious Eurobike Awards. The recognition of our collaborative effort with ION in creating the ARCON Knee Guard is not only a tremendous honour but also a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in cycling gear.

From the very beginning, our mission at RE ZRO has been to challenge the status quo in the realm of impact protection. Working closely with our friends at ION, we have dedicated ourselves to developing cutting-edge protection that enhances safety and performance for cyclists of all levels.

So, what sets the ARCON Knee Guard apart and makes it worthy of such recognition?

1. Innovative Materials: At the heart of the ARCON Knee Guard is a Biodegradable and lightweight

RE ZRO® pad with 15% bigger surface including medial and lateral protection provides unrivalled impact protection. Users can now confidently tackle challenging terrains knowing they are shielded by the very best in protective gear.

2. Comfort and Mobility: We understand that comfort and freedom of movement are paramount for riders. Extended silicone grippers on top and bottom for incredible multi-use fit ensures that riders can move naturally without compromising safety.

3. Ventilation and Durability: Every detail is covered, with laser venting holes for additional breathability, RE ZRO’s superior ventilation on the industry-tested L-2 protection and also the industry-first appliance of Cordura abrasion fabric guarantees not only protection but also comfort and longevity.

"We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the team at ION. We’ve been working hand in hand to deliver best-in-class protection that takes environmental impact into consideration. It’s awesome for that to be recognised through this award!" - Alex Yellowley CCO RE ZRO

The ARCON Knee Guard is just the beginning of what we hope will be a series of groundbreaking innovations in the world of cycling gear.

As we celebrate this milestone, we are more committed than ever to providing riders with gear that not only meets but exceeds their expectations. The ARCON Knee Guard is a shining example of this commitment, and we can't wait to see where our journey takes us next.

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