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2021 + 2022 Pro & Twins Champion

"Riding in RE ZRO armour I feel protected and free to move around the bike. It’s light and flexible so you don’t feel weighed down or restricted like some other armours."

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WhatsApp Image 2023-09-02 at 17.02_edited.jpg
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First Female to Ride 48 US States In 48 Days Solo 

"Wearing my previous armour was quite uncomfortable, hindering my movement and causing discomfort in my joints during extended periods. However, the remarkable thing about our RE ZRO impact protection  is its breathability, flexibility, and comfort against my body.

Throughout my journeys wearing the armour,spanning nearly 4000 miles so far across various climates, I'm elated with how well they perform. It's as though I'm not wearing armour at all, while still enjoying complete protection."

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Moto Photographer & Enduro Rider

"Switching out my old Enduro armour for RE ZRO made a massive difference for ventilation and overall weight. 

Spending summer days practising hard Enduro style riding gets extremely warm and fatiguing, so to be able to have better air flow as well as carrying less weight meant I could really push my training session further than before.

Obviously you can't ride Enduro without a few offs and the RE ZRO armour took every single blow I threw at it."

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Moto Influencer's

"The greatest thing about RE ZRO for us when we were out in Moab was the breathability. It was so important for where you're out in the desert and it's hot. The last thing you want is a thick shell armour.

It's hard work while you're riding off road, you know, you sweat and you need to feel cool, when you're going along in the desert, and this just completely enabled enabled that for us.

And it's also super flexible. So you've got all full range of movement when you're riding off road."

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